China factory Super Capacity 8*4 Chassis CZPT Top Head Drive Drill Rig with Best Sales

Product Description


Product Description

600Meter 8*4 Chassis Truck Mounted Multifunction Drilling Rig

1. HDMK-600 is a truck-mounted multi-function drilling rig;

2. The rigs adopt a special automobile truck chassis, and the transfer case, main transmission system, power head, mud pump, air compressor, diesel engine, etc. are all installed on the same truck chassis;

3. The mud pump and air compressor are installed on the same vehicle chassis. Users can switch the drilling method at any time according to the specific geological conditions. For example, in soft strata and sand layers, mud pump operation can be selected, mud is used as flushing fluid, and positive circulation drilling is realized by high-pressure grouting of mud pump; when encountering rock layers, air compressor air drill can be selected, and the drilling efficiency is higher.
4. The drilling rig has a beautiful appearance, large rotary table torque and fast footage. It is suitable for farmland water conservancy projects, industrial deep water wells, national defense construction, hydrological exploration, geothermal mine water well drilling, and can also be used for other engineering foundation hole construction.

5. After more than 20 years of market test, the drilling rig has reliable quality, simple operation and low maintenance cost. Welcomed by domestic and foreign drilling companies.

Product Parameters

Technical parameter
drilling method Mud drilling, DTH hammer, RC drilling
Truck chassis SinoTruk-8*4 Chassis
Maximum drill  depth (m) 600
Drilling diameter (mm) 100-500
Mast load (T) 50
The mast length (M) 5-8
Pull down force(T) 30
Pull up force (T) 20
Tool winch (T) 2
Drill pipe (mm) Ф89/Ф102
Mud pump Flow Rate (L / min) 1100
Discharge Pressure (Mpa) 5
Air compressor
Air Displacement (CFM) 1571
Discharge Pressure (Mpa) 2.0
Drilling power Independent diesel engine 132Kw
Total weight (kg) 25340
 Shipping size (L*W*H)(mm) 11800*2500*3900


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Our Advantages


1.Our aim is to supply the most suitable borehole drilling machine to users.
You can get a full range of product selection advice and product customization without paying any fees.

2.We have 2 groups of design teams. One team of after-sales engineers with more than 30 years of construction experience at home and abroad, other team of designers who graduated from well-known universities and have rich work experience. We will combine a wealth of practical construction experience and the most advanced professional theoretical knowledge to meet your various demands.

3.We are not only familiar with borehole drilling rig, but also familiar with the human environment, construction environment and strata in the construction field at home and abroad. Provide you with the greatest technical support, save costs and create the greatest value with you. Yes, choosing us is your best decision.

4. Support overseas train and maintain. We do ten days overseas train for free,after you buy our machine.

5. One year Warranty. HUANUO knows the various needs of the water well service companies and operators worldwide.
Customers who buy rigs from us can benefit from great saving thus boost their bottom line.

After Sales Service

After-sales Service Provided:Video technical support
After-sales Service Provided:Free spare parts
After-sales Service Provided:Online support
After-sales Service Provided:Field installation, commissioning and training
After-sales Service Provided:Field maintenance and repair service



Q: Are you trading company or manufacturer?
A:our factory more than 30 years experience for produce borehole drilling machine. 

Q: Are your products qualified?
A:Yes, our products all have gained ISO certificate,and we have specialized quality inspection department for checking every machine before leaving our factory.  

Q: How to get a accurate quotation from us ?
A:Please provide us the details for your well or demands for the rigs. such as max drill depth, borehole diameter range.

Q:What’s the shipping cost from china to your country ?
A:We can send machine to your port or door address by sea or truck. please kindly tell us your nearest destination port or address with postcode. we have reliable shipping agent to insure the safe convenient and time delivery.

Q:Do you accept L/C payment ?
A:Yes, normally our payment is 30%+70% T/T ,LC payment is also acceptable

Q:How to operate this machine ?
A:You will get operation video from us, or on-site training

Q:What about commissioning service ?
A: We can offer commissioning service , the buyer need to afford plane tickets.

Q:Do you offer teaching & training ?
A:Yes, the oversea training is support. For more details pls contact with our saler.


Our Service



1. Purchase Guidance;

We have a group of sales teams with more than 20 years of experience, and they all have experience in drilling wells at at home and abroad. If you don’t know what type of drilling equipment to choose, we can provide a full range of product selection advice. We customize it for you, you can get the most applicable borehole drill rig from us.

2. Training Service

Our technician is available to your site and offer training of how to use our machines.
As well, you may send your technician to our company to learn how to operate machines.

3.Quality Guarantee

We sign the agreement with detailed technical data. Our warranty is 12 months.

How to Select a Worm Shaft and Gear For Your Project

You will learn about axial pitch PX and tooth parameters for a Worm Shaft 20 and Gear 22. Detailed information on these 2 components will help you select a suitable Worm Shaft. Read on to learn more….and get your hands on the most advanced gearbox ever created! Here are some tips for selecting a Worm Shaft and Gear for your project!…and a few things to keep in mind.
worm shaft

Gear 22

The tooth profile of Gear 22 on Worm Shaft 20 differs from that of a conventional gear. This is because the teeth of Gear 22 are concave, allowing for better interaction with the threads of the worm shaft 20. The worm’s lead angle causes the worm to self-lock, preventing reverse motion. However, this self-locking mechanism is not entirely dependable. Worm gears are used in numerous industrial applications, from elevators to fishing reels and automotive power steering.
The new gear is installed on a shaft that is secured in an oil seal. To install a new gear, you first need to remove the old gear. Next, you need to unscrew the 2 bolts that hold the gear onto the shaft. Next, you should remove the bearing carrier from the output shaft. Once the worm gear is removed, you need to unscrew the retaining ring. After that, install the bearing cones and the shaft spacer. Make sure that the shaft is tightened properly, but do not over-tighten the plug.
To prevent premature failures, use the right lubricant for the type of worm gear. A high viscosity oil is required for the sliding action of worm gears. In two-thirds of applications, lubricants were insufficient. If the worm is lightly loaded, a low-viscosity oil may be sufficient. Otherwise, a high-viscosity oil is necessary to keep the worm gears in good condition.
Another option is to vary the number of teeth around the gear 22 to reduce the output shaft’s speed. This can be done by setting a specific ratio (for example, 5 or 10 times the motor’s speed) and modifying the worm’s dedendum accordingly. This process will reduce the output shaft’s speed to the desired level. The worm’s dedendum should be adapted to the desired axial pitch.

Worm Shaft 20

When selecting a worm gear, consider the following things to consider. These are high-performance, low-noise gears. They are durable, low-temperature, and long-lasting. Worm gears are widely used in numerous industries and have numerous benefits. Listed below are just some of their benefits. Read on for more information. Worm gears can be difficult to maintain, but with proper maintenance, they can be very reliable.
The worm shaft is configured to be supported in a frame 24. The size of the frame 24 is determined by the center distance between the worm shaft 20 and the output shaft 16. The worm shaft and gear 22 may not come in contact or interfere with 1 another if they are not configured properly. For these reasons, proper assembly is essential. However, if the worm shaft 20 is not properly installed, the assembly will not function.
Another important consideration is the worm material. Some worm gears have brass wheels, which may cause corrosion in the worm. In addition, sulfur-phosphorous EP gear oil activates on the brass wheel. These materials can cause significant loss of load surface. Worm gears should be installed with high-quality lubricant to prevent these problems. There is also a need to choose a material that is high-viscosity and has low friction.
Speed reducers can include many different worm shafts, and each speed reducer will require different ratios. In this case, the speed reducer manufacturer can provide different worm shafts with different thread patterns. The different thread patterns will correspond to different gear ratios. Regardless of the gear ratio, each worm shaft is manufactured from a blank with the desired thread. It will not be difficult to find 1 that fits your needs.
worm shaft

Gear 22’s axial pitch PX

The axial pitch of a worm gear is calculated by using the nominal center distance and the Addendum Factor, a constant. The Center Distance is the distance from the center of the gear to the worm wheel. The worm wheel pitch is also called the worm pitch. Both the dimension and the pitch diameter are taken into consideration when calculating the axial pitch PX for a Gear 22.
The axial pitch, or lead angle, of a worm gear determines how effective it is. The higher the lead angle, the less efficient the gear. Lead angles are directly related to the worm gear’s load capacity. In particular, the angle of the lead is proportional to the length of the stress area on the worm wheel teeth. A worm gear’s load capacity is directly proportional to the amount of root bending stress introduced by cantilever action. A worm with a lead angle of g is almost identical to a helical gear with a helix angle of 90 deg.
In the present invention, an improved method of manufacturing worm shafts is described. The method entails determining the desired axial pitch PX for each reduction ratio and frame size. The axial pitch is established by a method of manufacturing a worm shaft that has a thread that corresponds to the desired gear ratio. A gear is a rotating assembly of parts that are made up of teeth and a worm.
In addition to the axial pitch, a worm gear’s shaft can also be made from different materials. The material used for the gear’s worms is an important consideration in its selection. Worm gears are usually made of steel, which is stronger and corrosion-resistant than other materials. They also require lubrication and may have ground teeth to reduce friction. In addition, worm gears are often quieter than other gears.

Gear 22’s tooth parameters

A study of Gear 22’s tooth parameters revealed that the worm shaft’s deflection depends on various factors. The parameters of the worm gear were varied to account for the worm gear size, pressure angle, and size factor. In addition, the number of worm threads was changed. These parameters are varied based on the ISO/TS 14521 reference gear. This study validates the developed numerical calculation model using experimental results from Lutz and FEM calculations of worm gear shafts.
Using the results from the Lutz test, we can obtain the deflection of the worm shaft using the calculation method of ISO/TS 14521 and DIN 3996. The calculation of the bending diameter of a worm shaft according to the formulas given in AGMA 6022 and DIN 3996 show a good correlation with test results. However, the calculation of the worm shaft using the root diameter of the worm uses a different parameter to calculate the equivalent bending diameter.
The bending stiffness of a worm shaft is calculated through a finite element model (FEM). Using a FEM simulation, the deflection of a worm shaft can be calculated from its toothing parameters. The deflection can be considered for a complete gearbox system as stiffness of the worm toothing is considered. And finally, based on this study, a correction factor is developed.
For an ideal worm gear, the number of thread starts is proportional to the size of the worm. The worm’s diameter and toothing factor are calculated from Equation 9, which is a formula for the worm gear’s root inertia. The distance between the main axes and the worm shaft is determined by Equation 14.
worm shaft

Gear 22’s deflection

To study the effect of toothing parameters on the deflection of a worm shaft, we used a finite element method. The parameters considered are tooth height, pressure angle, size factor, and number of worm threads. Each of these parameters has a different influence on worm shaft bending. Table 1 shows the parameter variations for a reference gear (Gear 22) and a different toothing model. The worm gear size and number of threads determine the deflection of the worm shaft.
The calculation method of ISO/TS 14521 is based on the boundary conditions of the Lutz test setup. This method calculates the deflection of the worm shaft using the finite element method. The experimentally measured shafts were compared to the simulation results. The test results and the correction factor were compared to verify that the calculated deflection is comparable to the measured deflection.
The FEM analysis indicates the effect of tooth parameters on worm shaft bending. Gear 22’s deflection on Worm Shaft can be explained by the ratio of tooth force to mass. The ratio of worm tooth force to mass determines the torque. The ratio between the 2 parameters is the rotational speed. The ratio of worm gear tooth forces to worm shaft mass determines the deflection of worm gears. The deflection of a worm gear has an impact on worm shaft bending capacity, efficiency, and NVH. The continuous development of power density has been achieved through advancements in bronze materials, lubricants, and manufacturing quality.
The main axes of moment of inertia are indicated with the letters A-N. The three-dimensional graphs are identical for the seven-threaded and one-threaded worms. The diagrams also show the axial profiles of each gear. In addition, the main axes of moment of inertia are indicated by a white cross.

China factory Super Capacity 8*4 Chassis CZPT Top Head Drive Drill Rig   with Best SalesChina factory Super Capacity 8*4 Chassis CZPT Top Head Drive Drill Rig   with Best Sales