China Good quality Electric Drive and Automation Trainier Variable Frequency Speed Drive Trainer with Free Design Custom

Product Description

Electric drive and automation training device / Variable Frequency Speed Drive Training System

The power automation and relay protection experimental device is a combination of the current teaching in multiple professional courses such as “Relay Protection”, “Electrical Equipment”, “Automatic Device”, “Factory Power Supply”, “Power System Microcomputer Protection” and other professional courses in colleges and universities. Content, combined with the actual application and development of production, design and develop a novel experimental device. It can conduct operation experiments on relay protection, electrical secondary control circuits and automatic devices commonly used in power plants, substations and factories, and can train students in professional skills in the form of real and intuitive experimental teaching. The advantages of this device are high utilization of equipment components, strong experimental teaching system, less experimental site occupation, and high cost performance. The device adopts a pendant structure, which can be combined according to the experiment content, and is easy to install and use. The experimental instrument has high precision, with functions such as digitization, intelligence and man-machine dialogue. Users can choose according to their needs. The device adopts reliable protection for the power supply, instruments and meters involved in the control panel and measurement components, and a reliable personal safety protection system is also set up to avoid damage to the experimental system and personal injury caused by the misoperation of the students in the experiment .

2. Features
1. Strong comprehensiveness integrates the experimental projects of “Power Automation” and “Relay Protection” courses in various domestic colleges and universities.
2. Strong adaptability can meet the experimental teaching requirements of various colleges and universities “Power Automation” and “Relay Protection” related courses, the depth and breadth of the experiment can be flexibly adjusted according to actual needs. The device adopts a modular hanging box structure, which is convenient to replace. If you need to expand the function or develop a new experiment, you only need to add parts, and it will never be eliminated.
3. The complete set is strong. The device is fully equipped from instruments, special power supplies, relays and other experimental components to experimental connection special wires. The performance and specifications of the provided components can meet the needs of the experiment.
4. Strong intuitiveness Each experimental pendant adopts a separate structure, the component panel is schematic, the diagram line is clear, the task of each pendant is clear, and the operation and maintenance are convenient.
5. The scientific device occupies less area, saves the experimental room and reduces the capital investment; the supporting relays and equipment adopt the field equipment actually used in the power system automation and relay protection device, which has strong authenticity and All are specially designed. The appearance of the device is neat and beautiful, which can improve the experimental environment; the content of power automation and relay protection experiments is rich, and the design is reasonable. In addition to deepening theoretical knowledge, it is also for students to go to society and engage in power supply and distribution work for power plants, substations, and industrial and mining enterprises. , Lay a good foundation for the design, installation, debugging and maintenance of the relay protection system. The measuring instrument adopts a combination of digital, intelligent and man-machine dialogue, which can meet the needs of experimental teaching and realize the modernization of the measurement means of the device; it is equipped with a timer alarm recorder (service manager) for the assessment of students’ experimental skills Provides a unified standard.
6. Strong openness is equipped with internal and external voltage leakage protection devices to ensure the safety of the operator; each power output has functions such as monitoring and short-circuit protection, which is convenient to use; each measuring instrument has a protection function. The whole set of equipment has been carefully designed, coupled with reliable component quality and reliable technology as a guarantee, the product performance is excellent. All these functions create conditions for open experiments and help improve students’ ability to analyze and solve problems.

3. Technical performance
1. Input power: three-phase five-wire 380V±10% 50Hz
2. Working environment: temperature -10ºC~+40ºC relative humidity<85%(25ºC) altitude<4000m
3. Device capacity: <1.5kVA
4. Dimensions: 180cm×73cm×166cm

4. Equipment and requirements
This device organically combines the AC power supply, high-voltage DC power supply, AC measuring instrument, DC measuring instrument, electronic stopwatch, various specifications of load resistance and various specifications of relays required for the experiment, and is complete. Users do not need to purchase any supporting equipment to complete all experiments.
This device is composed of control panel, experiment table and experiment components. Different experiment contents can be completed by using different combinations of pendants.

5. Experimental project
1. Electromagnetic current relay and voltage relay experiment
2. Electromagnetic time relay experiment
3. Signal relay experiment
4. DZ, DZB, DZS series intermediate relay experiment
5.6~10kV line overcurrent protection experiment
6. Low voltage start over current protection and overload protection experiment
7. BFY-12A transistor negative sequence voltage relay experiment
8. Compound voltage start over current protection experiment
9. Impact relay experiment
10. Repeated action to manually reset the central signal device experiment
11. Repeated action automatic return to the central sound signal device experiment
12. Circuit breaker control loop experiment with light monitoring
13. Circuit breaker control loop experiment with light and sound monitoring
14. Experiment of flash device composed of flash relay
15. Circuit breaker control circuit experiment with jumping blocking relay
16. Current blocking voltage quick-break protection experiment
17. DH-3 type three-phase one-time reclosing device experiment
18.BCH-2 differential relay characteristic experiment
19. Comprehensive experiment of overcurrent protection and three-phase automatic reclosing device
Design experiment
—Students design their own circuits according to the experiment topics, make their own wiring according to their own steps, and complete the student’s experimental assessment
20. Low voltage start over current protection and automatic reclosing (post acceleration) comprehensive experiment and assessment
21.Comprehensive experiment and assessment of overcurrent protection and automatic reclosing (post-acceleration) starting with compound voltage
22. Comprehensive experiment and assessment of current blocking voltage quick-break protection and automatic reclosing (post-acceleration)
23. Comprehensive experiment and assessment of overvoltage protection and automatic reclosing (post-acceleration)
24. Three-stage current protection and automatic reclosing (post-acceleration) comprehensive experiment and assessment
25. Comprehensive experiment and assessment of overcurrent protection and automatic reclosing (pre-acceleration)
26. Low voltage start over current protection and automatic reclosing (pre-acceleration) comprehensive experiment and assessment
27.Comprehensive experiment and assessment of overcurrent protection and automatic reclosing (pre-acceleration) initiated by compound voltage
28. Comprehensive experiment and assessment of current blocking voltage quick-break protection and automatic reclosing (pre-acceleration)
29. Comprehensive experiment and assessment of overvoltage protection and automatic reclosing (pre-acceleration)
30. Three-stage current protection and automatic reclosing (front acceleration) comprehensive experiment and assessment

6. Device safety protection system
1. Three-phase five-wire system power input, the total power is controlled by a three-phase key switch, with a fuse.
2. The power supply of the control panel is controlled by the contactor through the start and stop buttons.
3. The screen is equipped with 2 sets of voltage-type leakage protection devices and a set of current-type leakage protection devices. If there is leakage inside or outside the control screen or strong current output, it will alarm and cut off the main power supply to ensure the safety of the experiment.
4. There is an overcurrent protection device at the output of single and three-phase voltage regulators, which can automatically protect the phase-to-phase, line-to-line overcurrent or direct short circuit.
5. Equipped with a timer and alarm recorder (service manager) to record the number of illegal use, and provide a unified standard for the assessment of students’ experimental skills.
6. Various power supplies and various instruments have perfect protection functions.

7. Configuration checklist

Number Model Specification Unit QTY
1   Power control panel set 1
2   Experiment table set 1
3 DL01 Circuit breaker contact and control circuit simulation box pcs 1
4 DL02 Signal indication and universal switch box pcs 1
5 DL03 Digital stopwatch hanging box pcs 1
6 DL04 Air switch hanging box pcs 1
7 DL05 Light brand hanging box (1) pcs 1
8 DL06 Light brand hanging box (2) pcs 1
9 DL07 Relay hanging box (1) pcs 1
10 DL08 Relay hanging box (2) pcs 1
11 DL09 Relay hanging box (3) pcs 1
12 DL10 Relay hanging box (4) pcs 1
13 DL11 Relay hanging box (5) pcs 1
14 DL12 Relay hanging box (6) pcs 1
15 DL13 Relay hanging box (7) pcs 1
16 DL14 Relay hanging box (8) pcs 1
17 DL15 Reclosing relay and control parts hanging box pcs 1
18 DL16 Differential relay hanging box pcs 1
19 DL17 DC digital voltage and ammeter hanging box (three meters) pcs 1
20 DL18 AC ammeter hanging box (three meters) pcs 1
21 DL19 AC voltmeter hanging box pcs 1
22 DL20 Adjustable resistance hanging box (1) pcs 1
23 DL21 Adjustable resistance hanging box (2) pcs 1
24 DL22 Adjustable resistance hanging box (3) pcs 1
25 DL23 Adjustable resistance hanging box (4) pcs 1
26   Safety superposition type experimental lead, 1m lead: (red 10, green 10, yellow 10, black 10), 30mm lead: (red 10, yellow 10, black 10) set 1
27   Student stool pcs 2

Why Checking the Drive Shaft is Important

If you hear clicking noises while driving, your driveshaft may need repair. An experienced mechanic can tell if the noise is coming from 1 side or both sides. This problem is usually related to the torque converter. Read on to learn why it’s so important to have your driveshaft inspected by an auto mechanic. Here are some symptoms to look for. Clicking noises can be caused by many different things. You should first check if the noise is coming from the front or the rear of the vehicle.

hollow drive shaft

Hollow driveshafts have many benefits. They are light and reduce the overall weight of the vehicle. The largest manufacturer of these components in the world is CZPT. They also offer lightweight solutions for various applications, such as high-performance axles. CZPT driveshafts are manufactured using state-of-the-art technology. They offer excellent quality at competitive prices.
The inner diameter of the hollow shaft reduces the magnitude of the internal forces, thereby reducing the amount of torque transmitted. Unlike solid shafts, hollow shafts are getting stronger. The material inside the hollow shaft is slightly lighter, which further reduces its weight and overall torque. However, this also increases its drag at high speeds. This means that in many applications hollow driveshafts are not as efficient as solid driveshafts.
A conventional hollow drive shaft consists of a first rod 14 and a second rod 14 on both sides. The first rod is connected with the second rod, and the second rod extends in the rotation direction. The 2 rods are then friction welded to the central area of ​​the hollow shaft. The frictional heat generated during the relative rotation helps to connect the 2 parts. Hollow drive shafts can be used in internal combustion engines and environmentally-friendly vehicles.
The main advantage of a hollow driveshaft is weight reduction. The splines of the hollow drive shaft can be designed to be smaller than the outside diameter of the hollow shaft, which can significantly reduce weight. Hollow shafts are also less likely to jam compared to solid shafts. Hollow driveshafts are expected to eventually occupy the world market for automotive driveshafts. Its advantages include fuel efficiency and greater flexibility compared to solid prop shafts.

Cardan shaft

Cardan shafts are a popular choice in industrial machinery. They are used to transmit power from 1 machine to another and are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. They are available in a variety of materials, including steel, copper, and aluminum. If you plan to install 1 of these shafts, it is important to know the different types of Cardan shafts available. To find the best option, browse the catalog.
Telescopic or “Cardan” prop shafts, also known as U-joints, are ideal for efficient torque transfer between the drive and output system. They are efficient, lightweight, and energy-efficient. They employ advanced methods, including finite element modeling (FEM), to ensure maximum performance, weight, and efficiency. Additionally, the Cardan shaft has an adjustable length for easy repositioning.
Another popular choice for driveshafts is the Cardan shaft, also known as a driveshaft. The purpose of the driveshaft is to transfer torque from the engine to the wheels. They are typically used in high-performance car engines. Some types are made of brass, iron, or steel and have unique surface designs. Cardan shafts are available in inclined and parallel configurations.
Single Cardan shafts are a common replacement for standard Cardan shafts, but if you are looking for dual Cardan shafts for your vehicle, you will want to choose the 1310 series. This type is great for lifted jeeps and requires a CV-compatible transfer case. Some even require axle spacers. The dual Cardan shafts are also designed for lifts, which means it’s a good choice for raising and lowering jeeps.

universal joint

Cardan joints are a good choice for drive shafts when operating at a constant speed. Their design allows a constant angular velocity ratio between the input and output shafts. Depending on the application, the recommended speed limit may vary depending on the operating angle, transmission power, and application. These recommendations must be based on pressure. The maximum permissible speed of the drive shaft is determined by determining the angular acceleration.
Because gimbal joints don’t require grease, they can last a long time but eventually fail. If they are poorly lubricated or dry, they can cause metal-to-metal contact. The same is true for U-joints that do not have oil filling capability. While they have a long lifespan, it can be difficult to spot warning signs that could indicate impending joint failure. To avoid this, check the drive shaft regularly.
U-joints should not exceed 70 percent of their lateral critical velocity. However, if this speed is exceeded, the part will experience unacceptable vibration, reducing its useful life. To determine the best U-joint for your application, please contact your universal joint supplier. Typically, lower speeds do not require balancing. In these cases, you should consider using a larger pitch diameter to reduce axial force.
To minimize the angular velocity and torque of the output shaft, the 2 joints must be in phase. Therefore, the output shaft angular displacement does not completely follow the input shaft. Instead, it will lead or lag. Figure 3 illustrates the angular velocity variation and peak displacement lead of the gimbal. The ratios are shown below. The correct torque for this application is 1360 in-Ibs.

Refurbished drive shaft

Refurbished driveshafts are a good choice for a number of reasons. They are cheaper than brand new alternatives and generally just as reliable. Driveshafts are essential to the function of any car, truck, or bus. These parts are made of hollow metal tubes. While this helps reduce weight and expense, it is vulnerable to external influences. If this happens, it may crack or bend. If the shaft suffers this type of damage, it can cause serious damage to the transmission.
A car’s driveshaft is a critical component that transmits torque from the engine to the wheels. A1 Drive Shaft is a global supplier of automotive driveshafts and related components. Their factory has the capability to refurbish and repair almost any make or model of driveshafts. Refurbished driveshafts are available for every make and model of vehicle. They can be found on the market for a variety of vehicles, including passenger cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs.
Unusual noises indicate that your driveshaft needs to be replaced. Worn U-joints and bushings can cause excessive vibration. These components cause wear on other parts of the drivetrain. If you notice any of these symptoms, please take your vehicle to the AAMCO Bay Area Center for a thorough inspection. If you suspect damage to the driveshaft, don’t wait another minute – it can be very dangerous.

The cost of replacing the drive shaft

The cost of replacing a driveshaft varies, but on average, this repair costs between $200 and $1,500. While this price may vary by vehicle, the cost of parts and labor is generally equal. If you do the repair yourself, you should know how much the parts and labor will cost before you start work. Some parts can be more expensive than others, so it’s a good idea to compare the cost of several locations before deciding where to go.
If you notice any of these symptoms, you should seek a repair shop immediately. If you are still not sure if the driveshaft is damaged, do not drive the car any distance until it is repaired. Symptoms to look for include lack of power, difficulty moving the car, squeaking, clanking, or vibrating when the vehicle is moving.
Parts used in drive shafts include center support bearings, slip joints, and U-joints. The price of the driveshaft varies by vehicle and may vary by model of the same year. Also, different types of driveshafts require different repair methods and are much more expensive. Overall, though, a driveshaft replacement costs between $300 and $1,300. The process may take about an hour, depending on the vehicle model.
Several factors can lead to the need to replace the drive shaft, including bearing corrosion, damaged seals, or other components. In some cases, the U-joint indicates that the drive shaft needs to be replaced. Even if the bearings and u-joints are in good condition, they will eventually break and require the replacement of the drive shaft. However, these parts are not cheap, and if a damaged driveshaft is a symptom of a bigger problem, you should take the time to replace the shaft.

China Good quality Electric Drive and Automation Trainier Variable Frequency Speed Drive Trainer   with Free Design CustomChina Good quality Electric Drive and Automation Trainier Variable Frequency Speed Drive Trainer   with Free Design Custom