China OEM Pure Electric Vehicle Drive System Automotive Training Equipment near me manufacturer

Product Description

1  Product requirements

The training platform is based on the real object of the driving system of the vehicle, including detection panel, motor driving system, gear switch, acceleration control device, DC contactor, etc., which can truly show the composition structure and working process of the driving system of new energy vehicles.

2  Functional requirements

a. The real and operable new energy vehicle drive system is connected with other platforms of the system to complete the composition structure and working process of the new energy vehicle drive system.

b. The measuring panel of the training platform is painted with color spray circuit diagram, which is made of 8mm thick high-strength acrylic plate. It has the characteristics of large temperature difference resistance, wear resistance, moisture resistance, corrosion resistance, not easy to deformation, long service life, bright color and not easy to fade. The panel is printed with color circuit diagram that will never fade, and the surface is sprayed with varnish; Students can intuitively compare the circuit diagram and the real object of the electric vehicle drive system to understand and analyze the working principle of the control system.

c. A detection terminal is installed on the panel of the training platform, which can directly detect the electrical signals of the pins of each control unit, such as resistance, voltage, current, frequency signals, etc.

3  Process standard: the circuit diagram board has the function of circuit analysis, the graphic circuit is made of acrylic plate by laser spraying, and the frame is pressed and inlaid with aluminum alloy frame, which is beautiful and generous. The base of the bench is assembled with national standard aluminum profiles. The base is equipped with universal moving casters with reasonable line distribution. The electrical installation is organized and implemented in strict accordance with GB national electrical industry standards.

4  Teaching function:

Skills training program:

a. Training items for disassembly and assembly of motor assembly;

b. Training project on disassembly and assembly of mechanical transmission assembly;

c. Be familiar with the name, structure and principle of various parts;

Testing teaching items:

a. Driving system working signal voltage detection teaching project

b. Teaching project of driving motor working speed signal detection

c. Drive system fault diagnosis and detection teaching project

d. Driving motor temperature signal detection teaching project

5  Reference pictures (pictures are for reference only, subject to the real object):

6  Supporting virtual reality integrated teaching system

a. Teaching effect and concept: the automobile virtual reality integration integrated teaching system aims to make theoretical teaching and practical teaching interact and integrate. On the 1 hand, improve the practical ability of theoretical teachers, train their theoretical level, and cultivate a high-quality teaching team. On the other hand, teachers integrate theoretical knowledge into practical teaching, let students learn by doing, understand theoretical knowledge and master skills in learning and practice, and break the boundary between teachers and students. Teachers are among and around students. This way can greatly stimulate students’ enthusiasm for learning, enhance students’ interest in learning, and actively summarize students while learning and practicing, It can achieve twice the result with half the effort. The integration of theory and practice teaching software breaks through the disconnection between theory and practice, and the teaching links are relatively concentrated. It emphasizes giving full play to the leading role of teachers. By setting teaching tasks and teaching objectives, teachers and students can teach, learn and do at the same time, build a quality and skill training framework in the whole process, enrich classroom teaching and practical teaching links, and improve teaching quality. In the whole teaching process, theory and practice are carried out alternately, and intuition and abstraction appear alternately. There is no fixed principle of “reality before reason” or “reason before reality”, but there is reality in reason and reason in reality. Highlight the cultivation of students’ practical ability and professional skills, and fully mobilize and stimulate students’ interest in learning.

b. Composition: the virtual reality integration teaching platform is composed of wireless remote communication module, training system and theory reality integration teaching software.

c. Wireless remote communication function: it has industrial design and is applicable to all kinds of teaching equipment. It has built-in software and hardware watchdog and does not crash or drop the line. Support transparent data transmission. Communication mode: WiFi hotspot based on IEEE802.11 standard is adopted, effective communication distance: open space: 80m, interface rate: 150m, frequency range: 2.412ghz-2.484ghz.

4. Fault system

4.1 the fault system adopts the way of graphical fault setting, and is configured with standard circuit diagram, which generally corresponds to the panel diagram of training equipment. Teachers can directly set or clear faults through the circuit diagram. It has the characteristics of intuitive operation and concealed fault setting.

4.2 teachers can set faults through single point fault setting, combined fault setting, assessment fault setting and other methods, and send fault setting instructions to the training equipment remotely through WiFi. Students can measure the voltage and resistance of relevant systems of the training equipment through mechanical instruments multimeter, and use oscilloscope to observe the waveform curves of different signal amplitudes varying with time, It can also be used to test various electric quantities, such as voltage, current, frequency, phase difference and adjustment amplitude. At the same time, it can read fault codes and analyze data flow through diagnostic equipment to judge fault points, analyze their causes and eliminate them, which greatly improves the students’ initiative and judgment skills. In the fault setting stage, teachers can conduct routine assessment on the troubleshooting process of students by limiting the troubleshooting time, which is helpful to formulate effective training measures, so as to improve the results of Vocational and technical training.

4.3 the interface of the fault system is clear and easy to understand. The fault status identification has options such as “open circuit”, “virtual connection”, “release” and “close” respectively to truly simulate the typical fault phenomena of the training equipment.

4.4 the fault system does not have the memory function by default to avoid stopping in the middle of the training and forgetting to cancel the fault, which will cause hard fault to the training equipment and affect the normal operation and later training.

How to tell if your driveshaft needs replacing

What is the cause of the unbalanced drive shaft? Unstable U-joint? Your car may make clicking noises while driving. If you can hear it from both sides, it might be time to hand it over to the mechanic. If you’re not sure, read on to learn more. Fortunately, there are many ways to tell if your driveshaft needs replacing.


An unbalanced driveshaft can be the source of strange noises and vibrations in your vehicle. To fix this problem, you should contact a professional. You can try a number of things to fix it, including welding and adjusting the weight. The following are the most common methods. In addition to the methods above, you can use standardized weights to balance the driveshaft. These standardized weights are attached to the shaft by welders.
An unbalanced drive shaft typically produces lateral vibrations per revolution. This type of vibration is usually caused by a damaged shaft, missing counterweights, or a foreign object stuck on the drive shaft. On the other hand, torsional vibrations occur twice per revolution, and they are caused by shaft phase shifts. Finally, critical speed vibration occurs when the RPM of the drive shaft exceeds its rated capacity. If you suspect a driveshaft problem, check the following:
Manually adjusting the imbalance of a drive shaft is not the easiest task. To avoid the difficulty of manual balancing, you can choose to use standardized weights. These weights are fixed on the outer circumference of the drive shaft. The operator can manually position the weight on the shaft with special tools, or use a robot. However, manual balancers have many disadvantages.


When the angular velocity of the output shaft is not constant, it is unstable. The angular velocity of the output shaft is 0.004 at ph = 29.5 and 1.9 at t = 1.9. The angular velocity of the intermediate shaft is not a problem. But when it’s unstable, the torque applied to it is too much for the machine. It might be a good idea to check the tension on the shaft.
An unstable drive shaft can cause a lot of noise and mechanical vibration. It can lead to premature shaft fatigue failure. CZPT studies the effect of shaft vibration on the rotor bearing system. They investigated the effect of flex coupling misalignment on the vibration of the rotor bearing system. They assume that the vibrational response has 2 components: x and y. However, this approach has limited application in many situations.
Experimental results show that the presence of cracks in the output shaft may mask the unbalanced excitation characteristics. For example, the presence of superharmonic peaks on the spectrum is characteristic of cracks. The presence of cracks in the output shaft masks unbalanced excitation characteristics that cannot be detected in the transient response of the input shaft. Figure 8 shows that the frequency of the rotor increases at critical speed and decreases as the shaft passes the natural frequency.


If you’re having trouble driving your car, chances are you’ve run into an unreliable driveshaft. This type of drivetrain can cause the wheels to stick or not turn at all, and also limit the overall control of the car. Whatever the reason, these issues should be resolved as soon as possible. Here are some symptoms to look for when diagnosing a driveshaft fault. Let’s take a closer look.
The first symptom you may notice is an unreliable drive shaft. You may feel vibrations, or hear noises under the vehicle. Depending on the cause, it could be a broken joint or a broken shaft. The good news is that driveshaft repairs are generally relatively inexpensive and take less time than a complete drivetrain replacement. If you’re not sure what to do, CZPT has a guide to replacing the U-connector.
One of the most common signs of an unreliable driveshaft is clanging and vibration. These sounds can be caused by worn bushings, loose U-joints, or damaged center bearings. This can cause severe vibration and noise. You can also feel these vibrations through the steering wheel or the floor. An unreliable driveshaft is a symptom of a bigger problem.

Unreliable U-joints

A car with an unreliable U-joint on the drive shaft can be dangerous. A bad u-joint can prevent the vehicle from driving properly and may even cause you trouble. Unreliable u-joints are cheap to replace and you should try getting parts from quality manufacturers. Unreliable U-joints can cause the car to vibrate in the chassis or gear lever. This is a sure sign that your car has been neglected in maintenance.
Replacing a U-joint is not a complicated task, but it requires special tools and a lot of elbow grease. If you don’t have the right tools, or you’re unfamiliar with mechanical terminology, it’s best to seek the help of a mechanic. A professional mechanic will be able to accurately assess the problem and propose an appropriate solution. But if you don’t feel confident enough, you can replace your own U-connector by following a few simple steps.
To ensure the vehicle’s driveshaft is not damaged, check the U-joint for wear and lubrication. If the U-joint is worn, the metal parts are likely to rub against each other, causing wear. The sooner a problem is diagnosed, the faster it can be resolved. Also, the longer you wait, the more you lose on repairs.

damaged drive shaft

The driveshaft is the part of the vehicle that connects the wheels. If the driveshaft is damaged, the wheels may stop turning and the vehicle may slow down or stop moving completely. It bears the weight of the car itself as well as the load on the road. So even a slight bend or break in the drive shaft can have dire consequences. Even a piece of loose metal can become a lethal missile if dropped from a vehicle.
If you hear a screeching noise or growl from your vehicle when shifting gears, your driveshaft may be damaged. When this happens, damage to the u-joint and excessive slack in the drive shaft can result. These conditions can further damage the drivetrain, including the front half. You should replace the driveshaft as soon as you notice any symptoms. After replacing the driveshaft, you can start looking for signs of wear.
A knocking sound is a sign of damage to the drive shaft. If you hear this sound while driving, it may be due to worn couplings, damaged propshaft bearings, or damaged U-joints. In some cases, the knocking noise can even be caused by a damaged U-joint. When this happens, you may need to replace the entire driveshaft, requiring a new one.

Maintenance fees

The cost of repairing a driveshaft varies widely, depending on the type and cause of the problem. A new driveshaft costs between $300 and $1,300, including labor. Repairing a damaged driveshaft can cost anywhere from $200 to $300, depending on the time required and the type of parts required. Symptoms of a damaged driveshaft include unresponsiveness, vibration, chassis noise and a stationary car.
The first thing to consider when estimating the cost of repairing a driveshaft is the type of vehicle you have. Some vehicles have more than one, and the parts used to make them may not be compatible with other cars. Even if the same car has 2 driveshafts, the damaged ones will cost more. Fortunately, many auto repair shops offer free quotes to repair damaged driveshafts, but be aware that such work can be complicated and expensive.

China OEM Pure Electric Vehicle Drive System Automotive Training Equipment   near me manufacturer China OEM Pure Electric Vehicle Drive System Automotive Training Equipment   near me manufacturer